Attaining levels of excellence and good governance in family business requires their stockholder partners to carry out their roles with knowledge and rigor

Programa de formació als accionistes de l'Empresa Familiar

The education of family business stockholders is essential for the good performance of the family business, and it is fundamental that current and future owners have the necessary knowledge.  Under this premise, the Catalonian Family Business Association (ASCEF) successfully organized a new edition of the family business stockholding partner education program, led by experts from the law office Cuatrecasas.

The session was conceived with the purpose of providing tools of knowledge that could help develop their stockholder role with responsibility, since in order to reach the levels of excellence and good governance in the family business it is necessary that partners carry out their roles with knowledge and rigor.  The quality of decision making will depend on the knowledge and information provided to company members. Eventually, investment of resources on the education of stockholding partners helps gain the family business members’ interest and involvement in the company.

This is why it is fundamental to convey to successive generations the importance of protecting the family and business legacy and that this interest in education be transmitted to next generations as an element inherent to the responsibility of every family business partner, whether involved or not in management.

This session was divided into three differentiated parts: stockholding partners rights and duties, legacy protection in personal situations and company specific tax specifications, as well as individual partner taxation.