Distinguishing qualities

Family businesses have an important dimension in Catalonia and therefore they play a significant role in both the economy and the social environment. They are important assets for the development and generation of opportunities and also enjoy a significant role in the cohesion of the country. Family businesses are as competitive and excellent, at the very least, as any other business organisation.

There is no single family business model. This is because it includes small, medium and large enterprises with different business, management and governance models. A kaleidoscope that enriches the country’s business fabric.

Family businesses possess a modus operandi and priorities that define their focus. Their different characteristics add rather than subtract. This makes them more solid.

These characteristics are principally:

  • Long-term commitment to the business project
  • Explicit desire to create value and jobs
  • Proximity and flexibility in decision making
  • Generation of industrial relations of quality
  • Reinvestment of a sizeable proportion of profit
  • Links with the community
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