Restaurant 7 Portes: “These weeks have been really tough but family businesses know how to adapt and survive”

Restaurant 7 Portes, a gastronomic benchmark of the city of Barcelona and recognised internationally, is a family business run by Francisco Solé Parellada that has been connected to his family for over 200 years. “Shutting because of the State of Alarm was one of the toughest moments of our lives,” he says. “I was born in the restaurant and it is has a big part in my life story.

Now, with the restaurant ready to reopen, these past weeks have allowed him to reflect on “what we do and how we do it. And also how we will do it from now on”. This is a process in which the whole family and the restaurant team have taken part. Despite the difficulties, Mr Solé says that the process has been “very encouraging.”

The restaurant owner believes family businesses know how to adapt and survive. “That’s why we have already planned the opening according to how the situation develops,” he says.