Netmentora presents the ASCEF group Anem a Compartir with a Decalogue in support of female entrepreneurship

Netmentora - Anem a Compartir ASCEF

Anem a Compartir (Let’s Share), the women’s group of the Catalan Association of Family Businesses (ASCEF), held an online session on December 15 with Netmentora, an association that used the occasion to present a Decalogue containing 10 key points in support of female entrepreneurship.

The aim is to invite women and men to take a step forward and not replicate the model of company led solely by men. Currently, women make up only 20% of the business community. The Decalogue presented by Netmentora, the leading European non-profit association dedicated to helping entrepreneurs to consolidate their project with the support of a network of business leaders, is intended to be a practical tool to remedy the current situation.

The session was led by Ana Fisas, the President of the Anem a Compartir group. The participants consisted of Núria Basi, the President of Basi Group and Vice-President of Netmentora Catalunya, Beatriz de Vicente, the Director of Netmentora Catalunya, and Lorena Toda, entrepreneur and CCO of Leti Pharma. All of them highlighted the entity’s commitment to female talent and promoting the integration of diversity in the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a key value.

The 10 key points of the Decalogue are available at the following link in the private space of the ASCEF website.

Netmentora and ASCEF signed a collaboration agreement last January with the aim of collaborating in the identification of potential female and male entrepreneurs and employers who can benefit from the experience, knowledge and resources of the two organisations.