The ASCEF and NETMENTORA promote entrepreneurship to strengthen the Catalan business ecosystem

January 20, 2020 / The Catalan Association of Family Businesses (ASCEF) and NETMENTORA have signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of identifying potential entrepreneurs who can benefit from the experience, knowledge and resources of both organisations. The non-profit agreement will help to strengthen the local business ecosystem and the creation of employment in Catalonia. One of Europe’s leading non-profit associations, NETMENTORA helps entrepreneurs to consolidate their projects with the support of a network of business leaders.

Amadeu Jori, the President of ASCEF, said that “we know that a person’s entrepreneurial vision is often the origin of what will later become a family business. Therefore, as entrepreneurs, we bear a responsibility to commit to the future and help, using our own experience, those with a business initiative.”

In the view of Nuria Basi, the President of the Basi Group and Vice-President of NETMENTORA Catalonia, “through a clear commitment to the individual, we foster the exchange of knowledge and experience that feeds back to all parties. A community of 14,000 people who share values and the same goal: to create employment, helping to create companies. With ASCEF, we will keep promoting the entrepreneurial spirit, company growth and consolidation and the creation of workplaces in Catalonia.”