Metalurgica La Farga: “Now we need to be very attentive and react fast”

La Farga is a family holding group which boasts over 210 years of history. It manufactures and sells semi-finished copper products and their alloys for the electrical, metal packaging, railway, tubes, automotive, billet and special conductor markets. In the face of the economic crisis resulting from Covid-19, the company has reacted by adapting to the requirements at any given time in order to guarantee service to all its customers and by adjusting the structure in order to do so at the lowest possible cost. “We have always prioritised the protection of the health of all our employees and implemented all necessary measures”, says Inka Guixà, La Farga’s general manager.

La Farga’s intention is to achieve the company’s sustainability in the short, medium and long terms. “Recovery will be slow. We work in different sectors; those that have been essential are the ones that have been best maintained, such as the copper wire that is used for the welding of tin cans, but for the sectors that rely on the distribution market, the impact has been much greater”, Ms Guixà asks.

For this family business, the current strategy is “to be very aware of the evolution of the markets and to react very fast as soon as demand revives“.