ASCEF Forum is working on the design of a new action plan

Fòrum de l'ASCEF

The ASCEF Forum, a group made up of about 300 young members directly linked to ASCEF family businesses, is working on the design of its new action plan, which will drive initiatives related to the topics that most interest their associates like training, digitizing, use of AI in family business, social and corporate responsibility and generational renewal among others.

Ricard Oller has recently taken over Albert Campabadal’s position as president of the Forum. Campabadal remains in the board, which is also formed by Miriam Pujol, Olga Carbó, Anna Guixà, Guillermo Vidal, Marc Morillas, Albert Borràs, Juan Enrique Yxart and Carles Alsina. “Albert has left a high bar, and it is building upon his work that we will keep going forward with a board made up of great people and friends“, concedes Oller.

As part of this action plan, they intend, as soon as the pandemic-driven situation allows it, to invigorate the activity schedule and relaunch successful events like the Speed Company Speed Company Networking Event or the Summer Dinner, for which we always count on prominent lecturers from the civil society and the entrepreneurial community. The ASCEF Forum has also planned to set up collaborations with other entities having similar action groups.