Ana Fisas: “The present situation calls for perseverance, decisiveness and energy, three qualities that we women possess”

Ana Fisas

The new normal and the second wave of the pandemic require the business fabric to adapt and react to events. For Ana Fisas, the President of the Vamos a Compartir” (We will share) group, which comprises 30 businesswomen and forms part of the Catalan Association of Family Businesses (ASCEF), the increasing numbers of women in managerial positions is a differential value for many companies “because the present situation requires decisiveness, perseverance and great energy, three qualities that we women possess.”

In this new reality, it is important to facilitate work-life balance for both men and women through measures that focus on flexible schedules and physical presence at company premises. “However, this is only possible if the employer introducing these measures shows sensitivity and if the employee shows individual responsibility and commitment,” she says.

Ms Fisas sees our society as “open and committed” although there is still much to do in the areas of gender equality, access to decent work, poverty and various others.

The “Vamos a Compartir” group seeks to promote debate on issues related to social justice and the empowerment of women.