The success of the recovery, transformation and resilience plan will depend on spending the predetermined amount and multiplying it with private funds, according to PwC

PwC, one of the country’s leading consultancy firms, believes that the success of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (RTRP) will depend on the ability to spend the pre-determined amount and multiply it with private funds, as well as the effectiveness in channelling the funds towards relevant and necessary investments for the transformation of our economy. PwC was the organiser of the conference “EUROPEAN FUNDS NEXT GENERATION”, with the participation of Ignacio Marull, partner in charge of PwC in Catalonia and Anna Merino, Strategy & Economics Director at PwC Spain.

The conference explained how the RTRP approved by the EU consists of 30 components with 110 investment plans and 102 reforms. For its part, Catalonia has its own agenda and approved the New Generation Plan with 27 distinctive projects and 50 outstanding projects.

It is estimated that Catalonia will receive more than 3,300 million in both direct aid and soft loans.
Some of the components will have an indirect impact on companies through public employment, while others will provide direct aid in the form of subsidies for the modernisation and digitalisation of the business fabric.
The event was attended by a large number of Ascef members and counted with the participation of Amadeu Jori, President of Ascef.