The ASCEF Community

more than
family businesses
companies with over
15 years
of existence
members of the Board of Directors
years of history

The ASCEF comprises over 100 family businesses from the productive, marketing and service sectors and covers the entire territory of Catalonia. Membership is open to businesses in existence for over 15 years, whose shareholders are mainly family members and with a vocation for leadership in their sector of activity.

The governing body is its Board of Directors, which comprises 16 members and is chaired by Amadeu Jori. The Board is renewed every 3 years.

The Board comprises: Isabel Triginer, Javier Riera Marsá, Jaume Alsina, Ricard Aubert, Ignasi Botet, Albert Campabadal, Miriam Fàbregas, Ana Fisas, Diana Ganduxer, Pedro Knuth, Eva Lluch, Francisco Pont, Ramón Sagalés, Francisco Solé, Antonio Gallardo and Jaime Grego.

The ASCEF has been active for 22 years, during which it has played an important role in the economic and social spheres. The representativeness of member companies affords legitimacy to an entity that is the meeting point for the transmission of values and family culture in the workplace.

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