MoraWealth opens the doors of Casa Vicens for the Catalonian Family Business Association (ASCEF)

Barcelona, May 5th, 2023.- Last Thursday, MoraWealth, Grupo MoraBanc’s brokerage firm in Barcelona, invited the Catalonian Family Business Association to hold a joint event at Casa Vicens, Antoni Gaudí’s first major project.

This encounter comes as part of the 25th anniversary celebration of the Catolonian family entrepreneurs’ organization, whose members, headed by its President, Jaume Alsina, had the opportunity to enjoy a visit to the interiors of this modernist building located on Carolines Street and owned by Grupo MoraBanc since 2014.

After a tour, which showed the value of Gaudí’s architectonic expertise manifested in the building, constructed between 1882 and 1885 and declared as UNESCO World Heritage in 2005, the CEO for Grupo MoraBanc, and a fourth-generation member of the Mora family, Lluís Alsina, delivered a lectured called “MoraBanc: keys to family management at a reference group”.

The organization’s CEO highlighted the important bond of MoraBanc with the city of Barcelona, not only for being a natural venue or for its proximity to Andorra, but also for the presence of the Group through its brokerage firm, MoraWealth, founded in 2020. A cultural relationship with Ciudad Condal (Barcelona) had been established previously with the acquisition of Casa Vicens by MoraBanc, which took on an ambitious and thorough restoration project to transform it into a museum.

Renown personalities of the business world attended the event that concluded with champagne and appetizers. The outcome of the visit to the property was positive and showed MoraBanc i MoraWealth’s commitment to the Catalonian businessmen and its will to safeguard the historic and cultural heritage of the city of Barcelona.
About MoraWealth
We are a brokerage firm headquartered in Barcelona as a branch of the Andorran banking group, MoraBanc. Thanks to a professional, qualified, and expert team, we are able to offer financial counseling services, and individualized and discretionary portfolio management with an adjusted customized strategy based on our clients’ needs. A valuable and differentiated offer that leverages on synergies with Grupo MoraBanc, an entity with over 65 years of experience in private banking.
The Catalonian Family Business Association (ASCEF, acronym in Spanish) is an organization founded in 1998 by a group of companies representing the Catalonian business structure. Its constituent entities play an important role in the country’s economy for its commitment to wealth and employment creation, territoriality, and sustainability.