“When it comes to digital transformation we get obsessed with the word ‘digital’, yet the future lies in transformation”

Professor Pablo Foncillas, educator, independent counselor, and business innovation researcher was invited to participate in the XXIII Associate General Assembly of the Catalonian Family Business Association (ASCEF), virtually held last Tuesday, June 22nd. The Professor took part with a lecture about digital transformation entitled Consuming Trends: 66 days for world resetting.

In relation to the title and the reference to 66 days, Foncillas explained that “it is the total number of days that takes us to get used to a new habit“, according to new research elaborating on previous studies done in the 70s, which had set a habit acquiring period at 21 days, “without specifying that such processe starts after 21 days.

Regarding the concept of digital transformation, made up by two concepts, company owners, executives, mid-ranking managers and workers get obsessed with the word ‘digital’, while the future of our businesses lies in the word ‘transformation’,” he stated.

Professor Foncillas underscored the importance of “unifying the online and offline worlds, a path that enhances the life of professionals“. In this way, the speaker noted that last year had served as an accelerator for this digital transformation, illustrating that “e-commerce has grown during the first lockdown weeks as much as in the previous ten years.

Throughout his lecture, Pable Foncillas covered topics related to digital transformation, such as the end of property as we know it, and how transformation affects the retail sector or ESG (environmental, social, governance) criteria.