“Family businesses are committed to the country’s recovery from the pandemic”

Amadeu Jori, president de l'ASCEF

The President of the Catalan Association of Family Businesses (ASCEF), Amadeu Jori, and Jaume Alisa, the Secretary of the ASCEF Board, were interviewed by Crónica Global to discuss #DamosLaCara (We show our resolve). This is a citizens’ initiative promoted by employees and employers from all over Spain that enhances the engagement of employees and employers with the whole of society, in addition to publicising the effort and important work that family businesses are undertaking throughout the country through their economic and social contributions.

Family businesses are committed to the country’s recovery from the pandemic. We want to make ourselves visible and press the different public administrations into taking us into account at the present time and implementing strategies that activate the world of work,” Mr Jori said.

He added that “90% of Spain’s business community are SMEs and this 90% provides 76% employment in Catalonia“.

For his part, Mr Alsina told the newspaper that “it is important for things to be made easy so that SMEs can grow because many laws do the opposite.” He expressed his support for public-private collaboration, and for its projects not to be linked to a “four-year horizon“. “If we extend the vision to beyond one parliamentary term, we will be making great progress,” he added.

ASCEF is an entity established in 1998 and comprising over 100 companies representing the Catalan business community. Its members play an important role in the country’s economy as they are committed to wealth creation, employment, the region and sustainability. The COVID-19 crisis has only reinforced this commitment to employment, sustainability and the well-being of society.

You can read the full news item using this link: bit.ly/2B8g9A6.