ASCEF member Ausa participates in #DamosLaCara: “No one could have forged ahead alone; together we are much better”

The member companies of the Catalan Association of Family Businesses (ASCEF) are part of the group of employees and employers in Spain promoting the #DamosLaCara (We show our resolve) movement. Ausa is a global manufacturer of compact off-road commercial vehicles for loading and moving materials. Boasting more than 60 years of experience, it is another example of this collaboration. CEO Ramon Carbonell has used a video to explain how the company has been affected by the situation produced by the health and economic crisis.

We had to close due to force majeure since we were unable to do any production because we did not receive the parts,” Mr Carbonell says. “However, the R&D department has been able to work so that while the factory was closed, work has continued here on new product and that means it will reach the market as soon as possible.” The Ausa CEO has underlined this department’s importance because “a company that exports 80% in international markets, is one that either innovates or dies“.

Mr Carbonell adds that “nobody could have forged ahead alone; we have had to support each other a lot. We all have shortcomings and we are all imperfect but together we are much better.”

Teleworking, in specific cases, may continue to be a good tool,” he says. “But it’s also true that there is a lot of magic in the corridors, where things come into your head and you see someone and say ‘Hey, I had to tell you about this; how would you do it?’ You get more of this collaboration when you are face to face”.

The Ausa CEO adds that “the best moment of the crisis was the day we started up the factory again because there were signs that the supply chain was about to start and then we witnessed a demonstration of a great capacity for commitment from the people here”. Looking to the immediate future, “we are improving each day; we are exceeding all the forecasts we made”.

The #DamosLaCara (We show our resolve) platform is a citizens’ movement promoted by employees and employers from all over Spain. It demonstrates the commitment of employees and employers to society as a whole and publicises the endeavour and important work undertaken by family businesses in the country through their economic and social contributions.