ASCEF commitment to sustainable development

Given that we have less than ten years to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) established in the United Nations 2030 Agenda, this organization appeal to all sectors of society to spring into action to end poverty, protect the planet and improve people’s lives and aspirations in this world.

ASCEF is an organization committed to sustainable development policies understood as the way to satisfy todays’ needs without compromising the capabilities of future generations. To that end, it promotes different education and information events seeking to raise awareness in all its associates given the need to harmonize three basic elements: economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental protection. In this way, the Association has joined the 2030 Agenda Commission of Forment del Treball, whose purpose is to promote this world action program.

At an educational level, during this quarter, ASCEF associates took part in a meeting about transformation and sustainability scheduled within the conference series “The Family Business Shares”, organized by Territorial Associations of Family Business, and attended a conference by the CSR specialist Silvia Urarte, to discuss the alignment of the referred SDG with companies’ operations.