ASCEF members show solidarity and good practices in the fight against the Coronavirus

April 2020.- Family businesses are not only battling to adapt to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are also working on solidarity-based projects to help hospitals function, improve the safety of professionals and care for them in their daily work.

ASCEF members are a good example. These are some of their initiatives:

The veterinary pharmaceutical company HIPRA has made its biotechnology facilities and equipment available to the health authorities. This includes nearly 700 sq. m. of laboratories equipped with the latest diagnostic technology to help manage and obtain results from SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus tests.

In the case of Tous, the company has adapted its 3D printing machines to produce components for ICU oxygen bypass tubes. It has also donated over 100 acrylic sheets for the production of methacrylate urns to protect hospital berths.

For its part, the multinational Puig has made an offer to the Government of Catalonia to produce hydroalcoholic and sanitised solutions for use by health personnel and the public. This will require the adapting of some of its production lines.

The Saica Group, a company that manufactures recycled paper, has made a donation for the acquisition of face masks and diagnostic tests.

Grup Gepork, a veterinary distribution company, has also donated medical supplies to the Vic Hospital Consortium.

The Damm Foundation has positioned itself alongside healthcare professionals with the delivery of over 26,000 litres of mineral water to 12 hospitals and another 4,000 litres to social entities that work with the most vulnerable groups.

Meanwhile, the Anudal company, which is devoted to aluminium carpentry and based in Badalona, has sent pizzas to the Germans Trias Hospital (Can Ruti) for the workers there.

In the case of Planeta, the publishing and communication group has enabled free access to its educational platform. AulaPlaneta is now available to teachers and 5th and 6th year Primary School pupils as well as those in Secondary Schools.

For its part, the Ferran Sendra Studio has created specific content related to creativity with the aim of using confinement constructively.