ASCEF and Barcelona’s Chamber of Commerce get together to drive the family business activity and competitiveness

This agreement values the weight of the family business in the territory’s productive fabric and its main objective is to propel actions and services to further the growth of this sector.


Barcelona, June 14th, 2022.- The Catalonian Association of Family Business (ASCEF, acronym in Spanish) and Barcelona’s Chamber of Commerce held an event last Tuesday to formalize a collaboration agreement aimed at divulging the family business’ role launching it into the Catalonian economic world. In this way, the agreement will promote the development and implementation of projects to further the growth of the productive fabric and will also promote the services developed by the Barcelona’s Chamber for the business sector.

The agreement was subscribed by the President of Barcelona’s Chamber of Commerce, Mònica Roca i Aparici, and ASCEF’s President, Amadeu Jori, whereby they undertake to define initiatives and lines of actions to motivate synergies between both organizations, and to offer mutual support to share the resources and common spaces that could propel the activity and competitiveness of the business family.

The event was also attended by ASCEF’s director, Isabel del Sol, and the Director of Competitive and Institutional Relationships of the Barcelona’s Chamber of Commerce, Xavier Ricart.

In this way, the Barcelona’s Chamber of Commerce provides ASCEF different services, tools, and spaces to develop their communication and promotional operations like its involvement in European projects, education on business, access to the Woman, Business, Enterprise Watch (ODEE, acronym in Spanish), among others. On the other hand, ASCEF is committed to collaborate with the creation of action content in order to drive the activity and competitiveness of the family business, as well as with the promotion of the actions that would be developed in the agreement.



The Barcelona’s Chamber of Commerce is driving a new economic model:
The Barcelona’s Chamber of Commerce offers transverse services to enterprises contributing to the economic and business development of the whole productive fabric. As a route map, the corporation adopts Project Cataluña 2030/40 with the goal of building a new economic model which help outline a Catalonia that would be more internationally involved, socially responsible, environmentally sustainable and with high added value.

ASCEF, an organization serving the family business:
The Catalonian Association of Family Business (ASCEF), is an organization constituted in 1998 supported by the Family Business Institute (IEF, acronym in Spanish) and made up of over 100 representative enterprises of the Catalonian business grid. The entities that form it have an outstanding role in the country’s economy and are companies dedicated to the creation of wealth, employment, territory and sustainability.