ASCEF members are invited to participate in the ‘AHORA’ programme and make their brands more visible

The members of the Catalan Association of Family Businesses (ASCEF) are invited to participate in the ‘AHORA’ programme, a project through which family businesses can receive a number of grants to give their brands greater visibility and thus reach a greater number of customers. The programme stems from the agreement signed between the Family Business Institute (IEF), to which the ASCEF has links, and Atresmedia Publicidad.

This project will provide almost 4 million euros in 54 grants for member companies of Spain’s different Territorial Associations that wish to launch an advertising campaign. Atresmedia will channel its resources and platforms -digital and TV- to help small and medium enterprises affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

To access the programme, there are a series of requirements: companies should not have undertaken any commercial communication on television through Atresmedia, they should have fewer than 250 employees, they should have an annual turnover of less than 50 million euros and they should be a member of a Territorial Association, such as the ASCEF.

The ‘AHORA’ programme consists of assistance both in the broadcast and production of advertisements. It facilitates this access to companies that have not done so up to now. In addition, participating companies will also benefit from advisory services, monitoring, planning and post-evaluation of the campaigns.

ASCEF member companies that meet the requirements and wish to apply for grants have until January 15 to do so. From this date, a jury of experts will make its choice of companies in accordance with a set of conditions: the history and analysis of the family business, its values, its roots in the territory, its employee number, its age, its compliance with tax obligations, together with a qualitative analysis. Atresmedia has until January 30 to analyse the companies and decide on the awarding of grants before planning is to commence.

Information about the programme may be found in the private space of the website, where there are also answers to a series of frequently asked questions.

The registration form for the AHORA programme is available in the following link.